China Forestry International Resource Company Limited

Established in June 2015, China Forestry International Resource Company Limited (“CFIR”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Forestry Group Corporation (“CFGC”), serving as one of the key oversea subsidiary of CFGC.

CFIR is principally engaged in various commodity trading businesses, predominately wood trading, followed by coal and iron ore trading across the globe. CFIR is accredited with FSC and PEFC forest certification.

In 2018, CFIR successfully completed a HKD4 billion syndicated loan with over 20 participating banks, establishing its strong presence in Hong Kong.

China Forestry Group Corporation

China Forestry Group Corporation (“CFGC”) was originated from the Ministry of Forestry in 1998. CFGC is the only comprehensive forestry enterprise supervised the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (“SASAC”).

CFGC is the largest domestic importer on forestry related goods, with over 20% of domestic market share.  Aside of trading, CFGC is devoted in other forestry activities including but not limited to (1) seedlings; (2) plantations; (3) tourism & (4) forestry assets protection.

CFGC manages over 90 enterprises domestically and globally, with footsteps in New Zealand; Russia; Singapore; Myanmar and many more. CFGC owns forestry land parcels in New Zealand and currently developing various domestic ports to achieve its vertical integration business model.